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There has been an error occuring with event registration system when using the register button on the Perscribed Fire Council website calendar, in which people regsiterd through tthe site but there information was not delivered to course coordinator. There are no issues with the 2015 annaul meeting!! As of today January 20, 2015 if there is no registration button at the bottome right of the event page listing please read the Course Announcement PDF for information regading payment, registration and course contacts. When there are links to course annnouncements or similar links regarding the event please read them carefully because these are the official documents distributed by the course coordniator. If you have previously registered for an event (not including the 2015 Annual Meeting) using the registration button on the event listing please contact the course coordinator (read Course Announcement PDF) to register for the event. I am sorry for the mishap and please feel free to leave feedback or contact me if you are experiencing any problems with the website.


JD Lambrinos

Website Administrator